A seedbox is a remote server (in the cloud) running all the time to help you download files (I only use torrents)

Disclaimer ⚠️

You must only use a seedbox to download and share content that you own

(or linux iso)

I am using ultra.cc service, I reviewed their service here, (I am not affiliated with them in any way) This service costs money, I went with the basic plan at 4.95€/mo

What can my setup do ?

Its allows you to watch media without having to go through the pain of looking for the correct torrent file. It will find the wanted language, subtitles and quality all of that automatically. You can also add an upcoming movie / serie and it will be downloaded automatically when released !

If the current quality sucks it will be upgrade automatically whenever a better one is available

1 - If I want to watch something I search for the media and download it to my seedbox,

2 - I receive a notification when it's done downloading

3 - I can then watch the movie or tv show (usually under 10 minutes)

You should download all of your watchlist earlier and when you want to watch something it will be instant

It's a bit inconvenient but it's compensated with the huge choice of movies and series.

How it works ?

Here is a diagram of all the setup:

flowchart TB subgraph P[P2P network] Alice((Alice)) <--> Trackers Bob((Bob)) <--> Trackers Paul((Paul)) <--> Trackers end Trackers --> Prowlarr subgraph S[Search for Movies, Tv series, Animes] Prowlarr <---> |Requests| Radarr Prowlarr <---> |Requests| Sonarr end Sonarr --> |Send torrent| A(Radarr) Radarr[Radarr] --> |Send torrent| A(Radarr) A[Transmission] -->|Download to filesystem| C{Nginx} C -->|Stream| D(Cloudstream-3)


Sonarr is a Tv show/ Anime collection manager for BitTorrent users. It downloads episodes of your favorite shows automatically and will grab (which means sending the .torrent file to transmission), sort and rename them.

We will use it

Radarr :

Radarr is a modified version of sonarr that works for movies


It manages indexers: basically thats where you add public / private trackers (The Pirate Bay is one of the most well known)


This software is pretty simple to understand, you give it a .torrent or a .magnet file and it will download the media to a specific destination.

Radarr and sonarr will find those torrent files for you automatically.

How to setup this system on ultra.cc ?

I went with the LANCER_V2 plan at 4.95€, find the one which suits your need

  • access the control panel and enter your credentials (don't retry to login more than 5 times in a row or you will be forced to wait 30 minutes)

  • once you are logged in, click the connect button right here: connect

  • go to the installers tab: installers

  • here search for: Radarr Sonarr Prowlarr Transmission

and click install on each app.

You should have all those apps under the Apps tab: list

You can learn more about those apps in the ultra.cc documentation and from the servarr wiki

It's now time to configure those apps !

Click the Show info button from Prowlarr in the app tab and then hit connect to login inside of the prowlarr app.

Here with prowlarr you manage your indexers:

Some vocabulary:

There are 3 types of indexers (aka trackers):

  • Public: anyone can use those and don't even need an account. You don't have to build a ratio (even if thats nice for others) You can be seen by anyone downloading a file and if its copyrighted you might need to stop seeding the content. A seedbox or a vpn will protect your anonymity

  • Semi-private: anyone can use it but you must create an account first and you have to build a ratio

  • Private: It's hard to get in one of those, you must be invited or pass some kind of interview. You must build a ratio

What's a ratio ?

Ratio is a division between all of the data that you sent (your upload volume) and all of the data that you downloaded

So: ratio = UP/DOWN

When you finshed downloading a torrent, the seed phase starts, you are seeding the file. This means that if another user wants to download that file (a movie, a tv show or just a txt file), he will use your server and the one of others to get download the file. We speak of a p2p (pear to pear) network

So back to our indexers, click the add Indexer button add Click the torrent checkbox under the protocol tab and choose your language like en-US for english (fr-FR for french)

Then choose the privacy option you want, public, semi-private or private.

I went for a semi-private indexer because I want privacy and I didn't manage to get in a private indexer yet

As you can see I only have one semi-private indexer called sharewood, it's a great french tracker
Check this great prowlarr guide or ask in my discord server if you need help setting up an indexer.

Once you added a provider, we will integrate radarr and sonarr with prowlarr Under Settings > Apps click the + sign.

We will start by adding radarr, hit the Radarr button Now copy the current website url inside of the Prowlarr Server input and remove everything after prowlarr/ It should look like that:

Keep this tab open and go back to the control pannel, now login to the radarr app (under Show Info > Connect)

  • Copy the current website url when logged in to radarr, it looks something like that: https://userame.server.usbx.me/radarr/

  • Still in Radarr go to Settings > General and copy the API key: radarr_api

  • Go back to the prowlarr tab and paste everything like that: radarr_config_prowlarr