Every software, services and apps I use on my devices

I'll detail all the tech that I use on my devices and why I use it, if you have any suggestion feel free to send them in the discord server !



  • oneplus 8 pro, the screen is really great
  • running oxygen os 12, I may install lineage os in the future
  • rooted with magisk


Youtube vanced:

a modified version of youtube Really great app, it was discontinued because of a DMCA takedown request from google (really sad) You can still use it though but features will start to break overtime if google makes changes to the official youtube api

Revanced is "Continuing the legacy of Vanced" and I am really hyped for it I tried to compile the manager and build yt revanced without the manager but I didn't manage to do it (I blame the documentation but it may be because of my skill lol)

Cloudstream: OpenSource

Stream media from streaming sites I stopped using netflix and only use this app, I love it lol I wrote some providers and it was fun; the creators and the community are really nice

KeePassDX: OpenSource

A password manager, really awesome so that you don't forget passwords (and make them secure! !!)


Syncthing: OpenSource

I use that app to sync folders containing my keepass database across my devices

Aliucord: OpenSource

A modded discord client

You can use it to install plugins and themes I use a lot of different plugins, i particularly like the text react plugin You react with different emojis to a message to form a text message

Birday: OpenSource

So that I don't forget birthdays, I have a bad memory lol

The app looks great and you can add widgets

Bromite: OpenSource

A WebBrowser, based on chromium It's pretty smooth and has adblocking but it isn't as good as ublock origin with firefox (I will try brave in the future)

Droid-ify, aka Neostore: OpenSource

Browse f-droid with a nice ui I can't find how to enable automatic update but apart from that this store is good

Infinity: OpenSource

A cool reddit client